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"We found our basement flooded. In an hour they were out and started the clean up. By the end of the day the flooring and water were all gone. They were courteous, helpful and coordinate with the insurance company. We  would recommend them to anyone. Mike and his team are the best!" - Ronald L.

About Us:

ServiceMaster has held strong to our core value of providing restoration products together with the utmost integrity and understanding. We've been assisting the community every single day for more than 14 years. Client satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our relationships are taken by us individually and work collaboratively and directly with our customers to present an optimal solution.

After seeing the community suffer from constant natural catastrophes, we started ServiceMaster Team in 2004 to help aid victims in the restoration operation. Since then we've helped restore a huge number of homes! We're dedicated to helping you restore your home to its classic glory and making this approach as painless and easy for you.

ServiceMaster Team is certified, licensed as well as insured. We're a part of a nationally recognized organization and we're also operated and family-owned. We have the backing of a big company, but the heart of a small one.

Serving You 24/7 with Water Damage Cleanup & Removal

The quantity of damage that moisture is able to cause in such a quick time period is fairly remarkable. If water damage is left unattended, the resulting damage is often so much worse. In order to stay away from possible health issues, the water damage has to be resolved instantly. The water has to be extracted and completely dried out by an experienced professional with the correct equipment to identify and locate liquids hidden from view. Our water damage restoration company near you is prepared to handle water issues of any size 24 hours, day or night. Call us today for our flood cleanup and water mitigation services.

Water Damage Restoration for Every Situation

As an expert in home water damage restoration, we can help you after an incident involving a broken or leaky pipe, sink overflow, bathtub overflow, toilet overflow or leaks, air conditioner leaks, sump pump failure, malfunctioning appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, or dishwasher overflow, hardwood floor water damage, or flooding from storms.

We provide residential and commercial property restoration throughout Philadelphia so no matter who you are, we have you covered. While we service your property, we will be with you through every part of the water damage restoration process including the water extraction, water restoration, and any other water removal services that your property requires.

Whether sudden storm damage caused you a large-loss or you're affected by a smaller case scenario such as broken pipe water damage or even smaller leaky pipe water damage, you have our water damage restoration specialists to give you the best water damage services no matter the situation. When you need emergency water removal, ServiceMaster TEAM will eliminate all excess water and return your home to the way it was pre flooding or better!

Our Flood Damage Process

Flood Damage Philadelphia PA

Flood damage is devastating. A major risk to building components, precious belongings, and interior furnishings are posed by it. Nevertheless, the dangerous consequences of flood damage are sharply decreased by effective and prompt treatment, particularly inside the first 24 to 48 hours. Quick emergency response by the Philadelphia team of ours will easily stabilize the property of yours and mitigate harm, maintaining your water damage restoration choices open.

Time is crucial with any flood damage, as water is able to still harm the property of yours for so long as it's present. In the proper conditions, mold can start growing in as few as twenty-four hours. For a speedy recovery, we have the proven process that we utilize for each task.

First is the Extraction. During this procedure, we are going to remove all additional water from your house using transportable extraction devices, wet/dry vacuums, and some equipment possibly needed for total extraction. When particular belongings are submerged, many materials take in and hold on to a little water that can't be extracted. To be able to totally dry these porous components, most innovative tools for air circulation, dehumidification is used, and also directed heat drying. Many structures or valuables broken by the water will have to be washed, repaired, and perhaps disinfected. Devices and electric systems that have been exposed to water will have to be inspected before additional use. Finally the restoration stage. This phase involves the actual reconstruction of your damaged property - flooring, drywall, paint, etc. Our goal is to get your home better than before the flood damage struck.

Broken, Burst, & Frozen Pipes

When your home is left vacant with no regulating heat or poorly insulated walls, this can be a common culprit of frozen pipe water damage and frozen water lines during Philadelphia's winter time. These breaks can be hard to notice immediately because they commonly occur in the basement. Broken pipes are also a common cause of water damage, causing gallons of water to come flooding through your living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. Water pipe bursts are common in areas of extreme winter cold and high winds that drive the wind chill well below freezing temperatures. Pipes that lack proper insulation and are exposed to the winter’s cold are far more likely to create a need for restoration.

Over a quarter of a million American homes each year will suffer from damage due to frozen or burst pipes. A frozen, broken or leaky pipe are all inconveniences that can lead to major headaches for your home. Ignoring these repairs can be extremely costly as basement water damage can lead to an unstable structure and damage to your valuables. When you need flood damage cleanup with a burst or frozen pipe or are dealing with flooding at all, give us a call today!

Basement Water Damage and Flooding

All basements are susceptible to flooding and there could be various reasons behind the water in basements. Basement water damage is exceptionally typical in this area since nearly all basements will experience broken pipes, poor grading, leaking windows, damaged sump pumps, seepage, or perhaps leaking foundation walls. In case your house has experienced water damage on the foundation or basement flooding, it is essential to repair these areas as quickly as possible to avoid larger structural and property damage issues, which can ruin your personal belongings and create a serious health and safety hazard.

The very first forty-eight hours are regarded as the most crucial period of time to react, as it's crucial to prevent further harm to the flooded basement and also the things within. The first thing you’ll need to do if you think you have water damage, a thorough assessment conducted by one of our professionals to determine the next step in the basement water damage repair and cleanup process. Call us as soon as possible if you have Philadelphia basement water damage or are currently experiencing a flooded basement.

Protect Yourself From Sewage Damage

Sewage Cleanup Philadelphia PA

In addition to water damage cleanup, we also take care of your sewer damage problems, sewage removal and sewage clean up in Philadelphia PA. Raw sewage contains pathogens that are disease-causing agents. Anything that raw sewage has touched, will need to be thrown out. This would include personal belongings, carpeting, padding, and even drywall. If sewage problems remain untreated, they can cause major structural damage which can be extraordinarily expensive to repair.

We have years of experience with various sewage cleanup and water damage problems. We provide the best sewage backup cleanup and repair services in Philadelphia for both home and business. No job is too dirty or too big for our professionally trained and certified experts. Our certified sewage removal experts will be there soon to clean and sanitize your home. We're experts at sewage damage cleanup and removal.

Your #1 Water Damage Company in Philadelphia PA

We are an emergency water damage company that provides service to all residential and commercial water damage victims throughout Philadelphia. If you have flooding of any kind, our professionally trained and certified water cleanup experts will solve the problem on short notice. We not only fix the original problem, but we make sure that any affected area is professionally cleaned, deodorized and sanitized. Our experts are available to handle any crisis 24 hours a day.

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