Trauma and Biohazard Clean-Up

We Can Assist You During This Difficult Time

When there has been a death or injury that causes a situation where blood and bodily fluids must be cleaned up, it is very important that you know to contact the right people. Initially, if there was a death, attack, or other dangerous situation, it is important that you call the authorities. When the situation has been taken care of, your next call should be ServiceMaster TEAM to clean up the mess immediately. When there is blood and bodily fluids in a scene, it can be dangerous to clean if you do not have proper training. We are equipped to clean biohazard materials and can make certain the scene is free of any health risks.

We understand just how difficult it can be to witness an accident or crime. Any situation where you witness a significant amount of bodily fluids is never a positive experience. The biohazard materials can spread diseases and viruses around. We can disinfect the area and make certain that there is no lingering threat of infection from the biohazard materials. The technicians of ServiceMaster TEAM have years of experience and training and are certified to help you with your disaster. We are licensed in multiple cleaning fields and have the proper equipment to assist you.

We can work with any law enforcement officials to properly clean the scene and be certain not to interfere. We will be as compassionate as possible as we understand how difficult this may be for those involved. We are committed to providing you with a clean and safe home as well as being a part of your healing process. We work diligently to remove all evidence of the situation