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Recovering from a fire being extinguished


A fire can sweep through a building quickly. The sooner the flames are put out, the less damage there will be. However, water is one of the main ways to stop a fire, and water damage can sometimes wreak just as much destruction on a property as the fire itself.

Water damage after a fire can occur from the water hoses firefighters use, as well as the activation of the built-in sprinkler systems inside a commercial building. Find out how your business can recover from both types of water damage after a fire with help from the experts at ServiceMaster Restore.

The truth about water damage
Excess water can soak everything inside a building, including equipment, electronics, upholstery, flooring and building materials. The longer water sits, the greater the risk that your building’s contents will be permanently damaged or destroyed. Beyond the physical damage water can cause, moisture can also cause mildew and mold growth. If mold has an opportunity to spread in your home or business, you could face additional damage or restoration costs in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. That’s why immediate water extraction after a fire is crucial.

Whenever water damage occurs, take the following steps as soon as possible:

1. Document the damage
After officials have declared it safe to re-enter the building, document the fire and water damage. Create a list of all items that were damaged or destroyed, and take plenty of photos before attempting any clean-up. Provide your insurance with as many details as possible about your losses so they can properly adjust your claim.

2. Contact your insurance company
Notify your insurance company as soon as possible, and advise your agent about any repairs you intend to make immediately. The agent may advise you to wait for an adjuster to visit your commercial property before you make repairs or begin the clean-up process.

3. Remove excess water
Open doors and windows to allow plenty of fresh air to circulate and dry your building. If possible, use a sump pump to remove excess water.

4. Prevent further damage
Mold and mildew can begin to grow within one to two days of water damage. To prevent extensive damage to your property, contact a professional water restoration company right away.

What to expect from water restoration services
In order to minimize damage, removing excess water as quickly as possible is of the utmost importance. A professional water restoration company will work to save as much equipment as they can, including saving your business’s electronics after water damage. They’ll also restore your commercial property or home back to its former state to help you get back to business and life.

When you call for water restoration services, you can expect professional technicians to help in the following ways:

Use specialized equipment to quickly remove all water.
Thoroughly dry affected areas, including wall cavities, flooring and other building materials.
Get rid of remaining moisture in the building by dehumidifying affected areas.
Conduct an expert mold and mildew inspection and provide treatments, if necessary.
Conduct thorough bacteria inspection and treatment to ensure the building is safe to return to.
Restore the building and any items that are salvageable.
Dealing with water damage after a fire can be challenging and stressful. When you call in the professionals at ServiceMaster Restore, you won’t have to go through it alone. Our commercial and home water damage services use state-of-the-art equipment to get your business up and running again. With a commitment to be at your side every step of the way, we’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that restores your building and helps you get back to business and life.